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Our Story.

How we differ from others in our industry ?


Premier Aerial Imaging is founded on the principle of putting the best product in the client’s hands at a fair price, no shortcuts, no excuses, 100% of the time, every time. 

What gives PAI an advantage over others in the industry?  1)  I look for the best angle of the best shot.  I call it the “money shot,” it leads to the image that makes you go “Wow that is unbelievable!”  The industry practice is to sell you a single shot, and the majority of time it is a straight on shot of your property with a good portion of your roof showing.  No effort to find the best shot, you are part of their volume.  They sell on volume not quality.  2)  We take the time to find out what you want from your aerial shoot.  I use the analogy that we are an aerial portrait studio.  We normally take 20-30 images of the site and present you with 8-12 of the best of the best.  The industry practice of door to door aerial photography offers you a “take it or leave it,” single shot.  You are not involved in any part of the process, other than paying for it.  3)  What if something is wrong?  If anything is wrong with the pictures I reshoot no questions asked.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.  I have re-flown sites because I was not happy with the work or something was missing.  Our Bottom line – no shortcuts, no excuses, 100% of the time, every time.  The aerial photography industry here in Nebraska consists mostly of out of state businesses and offers no guarantees only poor quality photos.  “Door to door and gone tomorrow is the standard way of doing business.”

I could not be more blessed than to do what I love and am good at.  My rush is flying at 100 MPH and taking pictures.   I am totally at ease in the air and I love capturing the images I do.  I am very conscience of what I do and it is my pursuit to get the best images possible.  My galleries and work speaks for itself; I do not compromise on quality.  I do use every technology at my disposal to get the client the best result possible.  One of those technologies is using a Gyro Stabilizer on the cameras. 

With a gyro stabilizer, we can obtain clear crisp shots from unusual situations, from a plane or helicopter the units will dampen out the motor and rotor vibration. When shooting at low light levels we can get large format pictures with slower shutter speeds or slower film, without the encumbrance of a tripod.  The photos are much clearer than without the gyro.

I spent my teen years growing up in the north central Nebraska sand hills.  My great grandfather was a cattle rancher that spent his life amassing 2 ranches and 10 square miles of land. He and all my grandparents are now dead leaving a void of two generations with no pictures to document their life’s work.  How tragic to have worked your whole life with no means of remembrance.   Which brings me to my point – I consider myself an aerial historian, capturing and preserving history; “YOUR HISTORY.”  It is a job that I take very serious and I am committed to preserving for others what I lost.

 Premier Aerial Imaging is here for the long term and we provide many options for our clients.  See our web site for all options. Simply, we offer a variety of framing and print choices, high resolution or low resolution CD’s, and panoramic photos for various organizations. 

Your choice - Door to door and gone tomorrow, no options, no reshoots, no quality, or the Premier Aerial Imaging high quality, caring, professional, no shortcuts, no excuses way.  We think the choice is clear – Premier Aerial Imaging is ready for your next project.


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